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Get back on the road quickly and safely

Does your truck vibrate at highway speeds? Have you had your wheels balanced only to find that your vexing vibration still exists? Are you resigned to living with the problem? Well, to that we say, bring your vehicle in to the technicians at Ruhl's Frame & Alignment Service and get back on the road safely the next day.

Our balancing services provide you:

  • Longer tire life

  • Smoother ride

  • Makes it easier on the vehicle (and you)

  • Less wear and tear on the vehicle

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Family-owned and experienced

Ruhl’s Frame & Alignment Service Inc of Ephrata, PA has been serving the Lancaster area since 1996, with many more successful years to come. We guarantee 100% customer satisfaction and impressive results on your service.

"After truing, the vibration was completely gone, and the truck rode much more smoothly, even at 75 mph."

You can rest assured that you will always receive phenomenal truck, RV and pickup truing and balance services when you come to us. Depend on our knowledgeable technicians for tremendous results. We stand behind our work.


Our service philosophy centers around combining modern technology with good old-fashioned hands-on experience. Call us today for a FREE estimate at 717-859-4197. 


The pros you can trust

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