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More than 65 years' experience in expert framework

Our frame straightening expertise is the best in the area. Our framework includes truck frames, trailer frames, RVs and pick-ups. We'll install Huck Bolts to make sure you have the most secure and safe fastening possible.  

The best choice for your framework

The frame is the entire piece which your truck is built around. You just cannot underestimate the importance of having a well put together frame. Our service includes:

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You depend on your truck or trailer to make a living. Since 1996, we have been providing quality truck, trailer, pickup and RV repair services to the Lancaster area. We look forward to serving you.

Reliable truck, trailer, pickup and RV service

since 1996.

When your truck, pickup, commercial or RV frame is rusted out,  we will fix it properly. We'll lengthen the frame or shorten the frame. Trust the pros at Ruhl’s Frame & Alignment Service Inc of Ephrata, PA.

  • Straighten

  • Rail replacement

  • Section repair

  • Shrinking frames

  • Stretching frames

  • Reinforcement


The frame repair specialists