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Frame straightening specialists

Don't get bent out shape, we'll fix it

Our frame straightening expertise is the best in the area. Our framework includes truck frames, trailer frames, and suspensions of all types. We do not use heat and we incorporate Blackhawk products, the best out there.  

We do not use heat on your vehicle

Heat may damage the steel strength and possibly produce a disastrous effect if the vehicle were to be involved in another crash.


The procedure of “cold straightening” or not using heat is becoming the norm on many frame rails and reinforcements. Trust us with your vehicle.

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Serving Lancaster County since 1996

Our trained technicians have over 65 years of experience, providing friendly customer service and knowledge that’s hard to top. Give us a call at 717-859-4197 to schedule your frame straightening appointment.

Tire truing and balancing services are also available.

Ruhl’s Frame & Alignment Service Inc of Ephrata, PA incorporates Blackhawk,  the source for collision equipment that helps shops repair even the most damaged vehicles. It's one of the most trusted names in the collision repair industry,

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The power of Blackhawk products

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